“To Do” managers on Symbian S60 – where are they?

iPhone users seem to have it all (except battery life) these days. There’s a slew of ToDo managers available for it, with beautifully designed interfaces, and crucially, for me at least, those that sync with online services such as ToodleDo or Remember the Milk.


Folks have been asking Remember the Milk developers for a Symbian S60 app for years, to no avail.

It took long enough for the perfect Twitter solution (Gravity) to arrive on S60, I wonder what’s up with developing for Symbian? Given the tens of millions of Nokia N95s, N96s, etc, out there in the world, why isn’t the Symbian software market flourishing? Where are the decent ToDo managers for our Nokia smartphones?

Anyway, enough pondering and ranting. If anyone has any good suggestions for a Symbian S60 To Do manager that has over-the-air sync capability, please leave a comment, and I’ll update this post.



14 responses to ““To Do” managers on Symbian S60 – where are they?”

  1. You are absolutly right!, especially if we are talkink about a business cellphone.
    What are u using at this moments? just the native app?

    • Yes, just the native app. I sometimes use ToodleDo via their web interface, but I’d love it if everything could sync nicely, and categorise things…

  2. At work we use FirstClass as our email and conference platform. With my phone I can sync contacts and calendar, but not todo. Really annoying. Did you ever find a good ToDo manager for symbian?

  3. I’m starting to think getting the N97 was a really serious mistake. I got it for the better camera, battery life and multitasking, but actually those things are no where near as important as application availability and user experience.

    I’m not going to recommend to anyone to buy an Nokia phone, which is such a shame because the hardware is great.

    Nokia should switch to Android and offer the firmware change for free to all current owners really soon before it’s too late for them, IMHO.

    • Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m with you there – Symbian feels like a very old OS these days. Developing for it can’t be a nice experience – otherwise we would have thousands of quality apps by now… I think my E71 will be my last Nokia.

  4. @Alienation: Reading comprehension is your friend, none of those applications allow ToDo sync with anything you time-wasting asshole.

  5. The ToodleDo or Remember the Milk are some really amazing apps for the Apple stuff.

    Check out this even cooler To-Do or Task Management app called ‘Things’ from http://culturedcode.com/

    I wish they were really there for the Symbian Phones. I really don’t like the Apple touch stuff. But seems like my E61 will be my last NOKIA.

    I think the iPhone or BlackBerry or google phones are the way forward.

    Been looking for decent Symbian To-Do/Task Apps for months with no luck.

    End of the road. Nokia is probably making more money selling under 30$ phones all around the world.

  6. If you use Roadsync you can sync Symbian tasks with Outlook (used with both e63 and e71).

  7. To do manager or the native task manager in Symbian is so pathetical that it’s not funny.

    And there’s not one single decent alternative. I search and search and wait and wait… nothing comes along…

    I have just tried syncing Toodledo with native task manager via NuevaSync, but it’s ridiculously poor in functionality (Nokia’s fault).

    Old venerable PalmOS has 10 times more and better alternatives.

    Its a sad situation, I tried my very best to postpone my migration to Android, and Task Manager was the single solution I really really require.

    Seems Android is the next thing for me…

    • Shafik,

      I have now moved to Android and am loving it. I use the Astrid to-do app and it’s wonderful – full sync with Google Tasks and Remember The Milk.

      Sorry Nokia, you make great hardware but Symbian’s time is up!