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Google Mail is becoming Gmail in the UK – just don’t change if you use Android

As the title of this post says, UK Googlemail users can now change their email address from to If I remember correctly, there was a trademark issue with “Gmail” in the UK, but it looks like this has now been resolved.

I decided to change my Googlemail account to use the .gmail domain name. However, as soon as I did this, my Android phone (which is linked to my Google account) began to get a little cross. The Android Market stopped working, and I kept getting a Google Talk error (even though I don’t use it). I decided to remove the Google account from my phone and add it back in. However, my phone warned me that I would have to reset the whole phone in order to do this! Just for changing to I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

So I have reverted to and everything has returned to normal. I might wait a little while before I try that again…