Moving away from WordPress

Maintaining lots of WordPress sites eventually becomes tiresome. Recent auto-updating features have been very welcome but keeping a track of plugins, backups, coupled with slow MySQL databases. I’m fed up with it.

I started off using WordPress back in 2004 when it really was a simple blogging engine. The recent “whole site editing” of WordPress 5.9 using blocks just had me staring blankly at what really is an overcomplicated and clunky system. I remembered a time when things were simpler. I wanted that again.

I took some time to read about Jekyll and was fairly quickly sold on the idea. A few YouTube tutorials later, and I had it running locally on my Mac. A bit of google-fu led me to a tutorial to extract the posts from this blog using WordPress XML and convert them to Markdown along with Jekyll front matter. After bit of trial and (plenty of) error refreshing myself with Git I had the site up on GitHub and served via a temporary URL.

I soon realised that lots of images were broken. Some of them probably had been for a decade or more. That’s one of the problems with WordPress if you’ve used it for a long time. Methods have changed for how images are handled, and as plugins come and go for galleries and suchlike, you’re left with a mess in the body of many posts.

I’ve cleaned up most posts back to 2014, but beyond that, I’ll fix them when I’m bored. At least I can edit files directly on GitHub if I’m out and about with time on my hands.

Typing this in a text editor is very refreshing. Leaving WordPress behind - for this blog at least - is liberating. I’ve an idea to either refresh this blog with my recent work and thoughts on Metaverse (XR) technologies, or start a new one. If I start a new one - it’ll definitely be a Jekyll-based blog.

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