Guided Society

I woke up this morning to the Today show on BBC Radio 4. I can’t remember the exact context of the term, but I remember hearing the phrase “guided society” being used in connection with the added levels of control that we now live with. It made me shiver. Who will do the guiding? I […]

Is there a new WordPress Dashboard Widget for OSX?

Does anyone out there know of a recent dashboard widget that allows posting to WordPress blogs with support for tagging, preferably by hooking into Ultimate Tag Warrior? I’ve done a bit of Googling, and can only find references to RapidMetaBlog and WordPressDash, both of which are quite old now, and certainly don’t do tagging and/or […]

On NewsFire an other feed readers

My feedreader of choice is, and has been for some 2 years, the excellent NetNewsWire Lite on a Mac. It handles my 244 feeds very well, and they’re all nicely categorised into groups. But I’ve had a bit of trouble recently in that NetNewsWire Lite has begun to randomly jumble up individual posts. Rather than […]

Wikipedia in Cornish

A while back I stumbled ‘pon a curious URL – That’s right – there’s a Kernewek Wikipedia! It currently has 1,288 articles, and will hopefully grow. A lot of people might be thinking “what’s the point”, but it’s very important for the Cornish language. It gives Cornish speakers a place to compile articles in […]

Google Metaverse?

GigaOM reports that more evidence is turning up that Google are developing their own metaverse, i.e. a virtual 3D world like Second Life. Google themselves have said nothing about it themselves, so this is pure rumour/wishful thinking. What with Google’s acquisition of SketchUp and Keyhole which demonstrates their keenness in 3D, it wouldn’t surprise me […]

Get A First Life

I’ve been using Linden Lab‘s Second Life for a few months now, not obsessively as some have, but just to see what all the fuss is about. It’s an interesting system, renowned for being full of porn and men masquerading as virtual women (and vice-versa), as well as virtual museums, an internal economy etc. You […]

Making Money

I’m going to experiment with some good old capitalist techniques beginning today. I’ve already slipped in some affiliate links (which I will declare on a post by post basis), and a few Google ads will slip in from time to time. This is all in aid of the “Help Tom’s Hosting Bill” fund. Wish me […]

Pzizz – software that helps you relax?

I received an email today from Pzizz, which reminded me that I was going to blog about it ages ago. I first heard of Pzizz back in July 2006, from Chris Messina‘s blog. The thought of software that helps you nap, relax or sleep sounded rather dubious to me. So I downloaded a demo to […]