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As readers know, this website it hosted by Dreamhost, a hosting company based in the USA.

I’ve used a fair few hosting companies over the years, and I’m used to the normal turgid corporate newsletters. Dreamhost send newsletters too. But they’re quite unique in their mannerisms, as you’ll see in this excerpt from the May 2007 newsletter where Josh Jones describes his motivation for turning Dreamhost into a carbon neutral hosting company:

Another thing that helps me write newsletters when my bowels are completely compacted is to think about how nice it would be to have some electricity to power my laptop, running water to flush my poop, and wind to cool my unmentionables. It was exactly such thinking that led me to think about wind and water power and how we could use it to power our four servers when the current hamsters die.


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Dreamhost have just announced that they are now a carbon neutral organisation. They claim to have offset their carbon emissions through reputable organisations, such as The Green Office.

But as with any “green scheme” there will always be controversy over the methods used to “offset” carbon emissions, and the comments on Dreamhost’s announcement post make interesting reading (certainly from a socialogical standpoint!). The usual “climate change is a lie” arguments are put forward, and one paranoid individual says that: “This global warming scam is a ruse aimed at imposing world-wide socialism”. Wow.

There is certainly a lot of cynicism, but at least some effort is being made to reduce their carbon emissions. It is being done voluntarily by the company (New Dream) with no financial benefit to them:

While the costs to us are significant, they’re not so high that we’re going to raise our rates, either. At best, we do our own little part to leave a better environment for our children. At worst, we leave a somewhat smaller profit for ourselves every quarter. (from comment 16)

At least their philosophy appears to be in the right place. And it’s giving them some great publicity, as this blog post proves 😉

Full details are available on their blog (do have a good peruse of the comments).