Making Money

I’m going to experiment with some good old capitalist techniques beginning today. I’ve already slipped in some affiliate links (which I will declare on a post by post basis), and a few Google ads will slip in from time to time.

This is all in aid of the “Help Tom’s Hosting Bill” fund.

Wish me luck! When I tried ads on Past Thinking, I made $9 in a whole year, which isn’t enough to actually claim…


Naples and Herculaneum

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Casa Bottega, Herculaneum, originally uploaded by T.A.G.

This photo of the Poseidon and Amphitrite mosaic in Casa Bottega, Herculaneum, Italy, was taken with a Sony Ericsson k750i camera phone. I took three photos, staying as still as I could, altering the EV level for each one, exposing the sky, one normal photo, and one exposing detail in the shadows.

The resulting images were then imported into the excellent Photomatix software where they were aligned and combined into a single HDR (high dynamic range) image.

Using the tools within Photomatix, I “tone mapped” the HDR image so that the resulting image was roughly an average of all colour values captured by the camera in the three images.

As you can see, this gives this image a ‘painted’ feel. It’s quite an unnatural image (as many HDR images are), but quite compelling nonetheless.

So that’s how I did it for those that keep asking 🙂


First Post

I’ve set up this blog, called “The Hurler” “Switch Doctor” for now (subject to random change), so that I can blog about anything and everything that I have wanted to recently. My blogging started with Past Thinking, which is rapidly becoming a blog that is focussed upon heritage issues related to technology. I used to post random things about computing, Macs, and music on there, but as its reputation for comment and news grew, it has become apparent that Past Thinking is no longer the space for things other than heritage. This is fine. It’s nice that Past Thinking has found its niche, and I will continue to grow the blog, and hopefully have a co-author soon.

This blog will be for everything else!