3D Scanning, 3D Capture and Photogrammetry Services

Renders of the Penzance Market Cross (left side). L-R: Raw mesh, coloured mesh, radiance scaling filter

I have specialised in 3D technology in archaeology since 2001, working in most of the sub-specialisms of reconstruction, capture, and interpretation. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked at Stonehenge, where I contributed to the discovery of previously unknown prehistoric rock art in 2002. Since then I have built up my expertise and methodologies in working with 3D data, and have a veritable armoury of techniques which I can apply to most situations, enhancing eroded prehistoric rock art, worn coins, incised slates, to medieval carvings, inscriptions, monuments and buildings.

I have also created evidence-based 3D reconstructions of objects right up to entire landscapes. Maintaining an interest in archaeological theory enables me to stay current with thought about to approach the interpretation of projects which aim to create ‘new’ images of the past.

Capture and Analysis

I have my own equipment and software tools to undertake object to monument scale 3D capture. I use a photogrammetric approach, and provide clients with both raw and interpreted data. Please contact me if you wish to discuss a project. As part of my service I can provide basic training on how to use data for further analysis.

My work across the web

View some of my recent work on Sketchfab. The following links are to external websites which feature my work and research. This list is ongoing.

The Stonehenge Landscape in 3D

I produced the animation of perhaps is the first time LiDAR data was used in a true 3D context within a heritage application.

Seabed Prehistory

I led a team to produce the below animation in 2005, which includes botanically modelled vegetation, trees and animals. It is based entirely upon environmental data collected below the sea.