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East elevation of a medieval cross base at Gulval, Penzance, depicting St John the Evangelist as an eagle (see Rev 4:6-7 & Ezekiel 10:14). Captured in 2013 using photogrammetric methods and processed using different filters to interpret the carving.

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Digital reconstructions, 3D recording, photography, surface analysis, detail enhancement, and Open Source GIS. Backed up by 12 years professional experience.

I have worked with most aspects of archaeological computing during my professional career, and am used to working with projects of all scales. Working with museums, archaeologists, archives, local and national societies, I provide practical and affordable solutions which will provide a long-lasting digital legacy. Heritage projects should never disappear.

I am available to help you plan heritage and archaeology projects which involve a significant computing or IT element, or undertake specific commissions.

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The video below, from 2009, shows a selection of my work up to this date.