WordPress Simple Tags Plugin

I’m just testing out the Simple Tags WordPress Plugin as I would like to post content to my blogs remotely (such as from my mobile phone, from Flock, and from my Mac’s Dashboard), but still tag the content.

Simple Tags allows you to add tags in the body of a post, which will be imported when the post is published (look for the “Embedded Tags” option).

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WordPress Plugin: Flexible Upload

I have long been frustrated by the way WordPress handles image uploads. Normally I have to resize an image first, before I upload it, if I want it to span the width of a post. In K2, my current theme, this is 500px. I’ve always wished that I could just upload an image, and have it automatically resize (via GD or ImageMagick) to the right size and dump the original.

There are plugins that can do some basic image management, but from tinkering over the last few years they have been rather, well, workflow unfriendly.

This post is to test how well the Flexible Upload plugin works, which claims to allow you to set default image and thumbnail size which will be resized at upload, through WordPress’ inline uploader.

Here is a test upload with a screenshot of this post in progress:

It worked! Here is a screenshot of the resizing options:

And here are the display options, visible after upload:

This is a superb plugin Рjust what I was after. Get the WordPress plugin Flexible Upload at Ma Tasse de Th̩.