Moving to WordPress multisite and broken images

If you notice some broken images as you look around my site, this is because I have just moved to a WordPress multisite installation. Having to update lots of blogs each time a security update comes out began to get a little tiring, and after a few hacking incidents, I have decided to bring blogs together under a single code base where I can keep a better eye on them.

Consequently, there has been and still is a bit of a learning curve for me, and I have managed to break the links to most of the images on this blog. Where the path used to be /wp-content/month/day/filename.jpg, they now seem to be /files/filename.jpg – and as you can see since the original files don’t have a consistent path, I can’t just do a find and replace… I have now enabled the “Uploads Use Yearmonth Folders” option but this isn’t retrospective. Any tips on how to fix this without some extremely complicated regular expressions and URL rewriting gratefully received!

However, less time maintaining and updating blogs will hopefully mean more time blogging…