Cats video

Siamese cat, a ping pong ball, and a roll of carpet

In the beginning of July, Tehmina and I bought our first pet, a white apricot point Siamese cat, whom we named Becket. He is very photogenic, and you might have noticed some photos of him on this blog.

One of Becket’s favourite toys is a ping pong ball. It easily zooms around the house, propelled by paws, and it skitters pleasingly across the bare boards and tiles of our house. ¬†We bought a small carpet remnant to cover the tiles in the room at the back of the house, as tiles over granite, surrounded by granite walls does a good job of making a fridge out of said room.

The remaining roll of carpet was an exotic object of fascination for Becket. Put a ping pong ball into the equation, and the following video is what you get.