Tom Goskar is a 3D specialist and a professional archaeologist. When he’s not 3D scanning and using that data for research (such as reading ancient inscriptions or looking for rock art), he’s probably testing new methods for capturing the world around him using lasers, photogrammetry, NeRFs, and mobile scanning solutions.

As of 2022, Tom is available to hire for freelance projects.

Read more about Tom Goskar over on the Curatorial Research Centre.

Some other quick facts

  • He follows the world of XR with great interest
  • He dabbles in generative AI (Stable Diffusion / Dreambooth)
  • Worked with 3D capture in one way or another since 2002
  • OG podcaster since 2005
  • OG blogger since 2004
  • Tinkered with location-based tech since 2002
  • All-round geek and early adopter of tech
  • Plays trad music on the mandolin
  • Tinkers with synthesisers