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Adventures in Chile, Part 2: London

I’m sitting with a beer in the Tin Goose, a flight-side pub at Heathrow Terminal 5. It’s a relief to be checked in and for a chance to relax before 7200 miles of flying.

We stayed overnight in London with my parents-in-law, and it snowed for much of this morning. We will be going from snowy London to the desert, not something I have quite got my head around yet.

We have travel pillows, plenty of reading and watching materials (thank heavens for the iPad), and a fruit platter booked for our in-flight meal (in the middle of the night!). I have bought the Jibbigo translation app to help me with Spanish phrases, and an extended battery pack to keep my iPhone and iPad going strong.

So, just a quick update as I’m typing this on my iPhone, but here’s a picture from this morning – quite the opposite of what we will be experiencing on the other side! My next update will be from South America…



London, life and Brompton folding bikes

I’ve realised that I never got around blogging about some changes in my life recently. First, I have moved to central London. I still work for Wessex, but now do so remotely, visiting the offices once a fortnight (or more often if needed for a meeting there or elsewhere). I am loving London so far – so much to see and do – all of the time.

Secondly, I have bought a Brompton folding bike to assist with said journeys to Salisbury, and for general travelling around in London, and I love it.

My Brompton

So, you can expect plenty of posts on Bromptons and London in the near future 🙂