Living in Cornwall

Over the last few years I have moved about quite a lot. I’ve lived in Salisbury, London, Swansea, and have moved yet again. I have moved back to my homeland, to Cornwall. And this time I hope it’s the last move for a very long time!

I now live in West Cornwall, an area called West Penwith, and the town of Penzance is my new home. I have been visiting this part of the Duchy with Tehmina every year for the last twelve years, and we have completely fallen in love with it. I didn’t often visit this part of the world whilst I was growing up in Cornwall, so we’ve discovered it together. Penzance began to feel like home some years ago, and it seemed after moving around so much, that it was the only place we could settle down in. And a few weeks in, we’re really glad that we’ve finally made it.

I’ll undoubtedly post more in the coming weeks, once we get our phone and broadband installed, on the amazing place that I can now call home. For now, here are a few photographs that I have taken whilst out and about.


Moving to Swansea

The Meridian Tower and its reflection, Swansea

After a year living in London, and enjoying its multifarious opportunities, Tehmina and I have moved again. We have left the country. England, that is.

Our new home is Swansea, in Wales. Tehmina has started a new job at the University of Swansea’s Department of History and Classics looking at the “local and global worlds of Welsh copper”. I continue my role at Wessex Archaeology working remotely and travelling in to WA’s Salisbury headquarters a couple of times a month.

This is totally new territory for both of us, and we’re really enjoying Swansea so far. We are lucky enough to live close to the sea, and words cannot express how wonderful it is to see it every day.

A word of thanks must go out to the authors of the Living in Swansea blog for chronicling their experiences of moving to here, and for some reassuring replies to my comments!

I have also moved this blog away from a shared hosting environment to its own virtual server (OK, so still shared a bit). I am also going to make more time for writing. There’s something about being by the sea that makes me feel more creative!