New minimal theme and writing with Markdown

My website now has a more minimal theme. I have become weary of the sliders, sidebars, and unneeded visual distractions that I have experimented with in the past.

The theme I have recently switched to is called “Decode”. Visually minimal, but responsive, built in HTML5 from the ground-up and ‘Retina-ready’ for those high resolution displays that will one day become the norm.

Images will be full-width where possible in the future, so that they can be better appreciated without the need for a lightbox effect.

I am also experimenting with Markdown to write posts without the distraction and code-mangling of a WYSIWYG editor. This post is being written in the excellent Byword app on my Mac, which can also post to WordPress.

If you’re reading this, it worked.


Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

You’ll have to excuse the old-skool default WordPress template, as I’m having some issues with the upgrade to WordPress 2.5 (and some disk-quota problems on Dreamhost – my fault though!).

Normal (*cough*) service will resume shortly. Hopefully.

Oh, and when the WordPress upgrade guidelines say “disable all plugins” – they really, really mean it.