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Get A First Life

I’ve been using Linden Lab‘s Second Life for a few months now, not obsessively as some have, but just to see what all the fuss is about. It’s an interesting system, renowned for being full of porn and men masquerading as virtual women (and vice-versa), as well as virtual museums, an internal economy etc. You can spend a lot of money in Second Life, and some charities have taken out advertisements on the system to remind people that their money spent on virtual things would be better off being spent on helping people in the real world.

Today I came across a wonderful parody: Get A First Life

  • Go outside – Membership is Free
  • Find out where you actually live
  • Access your closet to build your First Life look
  • Etc Etc. Brilliant!

    Get A First Life

    Even better, Linden Lab commented on the blog of Get A First Life’s creator, Darren Barefoot, with a “Proceed and Permit” letter, as opposed to the usual “Cease and Desist” ones that such parodies often attract. Hats off to Linden, and here’s to healthy parody 🙂

    (speaking of which, the same chap has a wonderful parody about Apple – iCryptex – wonderful!)