Freelance consultant for digital heritage

Generative AI Certificates

Through January to mid-March I have been studying hard to complete a series of distance-learning courses in Generative AI. Delivered by Prof. Jules White of Vanderbilt University in the USA via Coursera, I took the Prompt Engineering Specialisation which consisted of three courses:

Here is the description of the outcomes from the combined courses:

Upon completing this specialization, you will have developed expertise in prompt engineering for generative AI systems like ChatGPT. Through hands-on practice, you will become proficient at instructing large language models to accomplish useful tasks. The specialization provides you with principles and templates for writing effective prompts that tap into the capabilities of systems like ChatGPT. You will gain skills for conversing with AI to harness its reasoning and creative potential. Whether you are automating repetitive work, solving complex problems, or boosting productivity, you will acquire techniques to integrate generative AI into your activities. This specialization equips you with the core competencies needed to amplify human intelligence with prompt engineering.

Alongside the course assessments, I’ve been using Generative AI alongside my daily work to experiment where it can be used effectively. I’ve used ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis to clean up some museum data, I’ve trained a custom GPT using 19th century newspaper and book extracts to help with some research, and used it for countless tasks. Understanding how, when and why to use generative AI, and when to trust its output and when not to – is essential.

As a result of these courses I feel well-equipped to navigate and use GenAI tools into the future.