Seriously Good Food Blog: The Grubworm

If you enjoy food, love cooking, and tease yourself by looking at mouth-watering photos of delicious things to eat, go no further than The Grubworm. The author of The Grubworm is a stunning cook, a brilliant wordsmith, and an all-round foodie. His recipes, restaurant reviews, and ruminations on drink (and drinking establishments, of course) will make […]

The Fourth Way

My brother-in-law, David, has begun blogging on his new site, Tybrol. Here’s what it’s about: This ‘blog’ is concerned with what is known as the ‘Fourth Way’, an approach to ‘reality’ that is known through the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, although along the way I have encountered many other teachings and ideas that may be […]

Is there a new WordPress Dashboard Widget for OSX?

Does anyone out there know of a recent dashboard widget that allows posting to WordPress blogs with support for tagging, preferably by hooking into Ultimate Tag Warrior? I’ve done a bit of Googling, and can only find references to RapidMetaBlog and WordPressDash, both of which are quite old now, and certainly don’t do tagging and/or […]

Antiquarian Bookshops

Who’d have thought that life in an antiquarian bookshop “in a cathedral city in the south of England” would be so interesting? I’ve been frequenting such bookshops for most of my life, and have even worked in one, and trust me – never think that these are dry and dusty places where nothing happens… Every […]