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Seriously Good Food Blog: The Grubworm

If you enjoy food, love cooking, and tease yourself by looking at mouth-watering photos of delicious things to eat, go no further than The Grubworm.

Beef Panaeng by The Grubworm
Beef Panaeng by The Grubworm

The author of The Grubworm is a stunning cook, a brilliant wordsmith, and an all-round foodie. His recipes, restaurant reviews, and ruminations on drink (and drinking establishments, of course) will make you hungry or thirsty, guaranteed. Just look at the photo above. Mmmm.


The Fourth Way

My brother-in-law, David, has begun blogging on his new site, Tybrol. Here’s what it’s about:

This ‘blog’ is concerned with what is known as the ‘Fourth Way’, an approach to ‘reality’ that is known through the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, although along the way I have encountered many other teachings and ideas that may be of interest. I suppose these ideas are the central thread that has run through my inner life and for some mysterious reason the one I am most attracted to, an abiding core of ideas that I have attempted to be true to through out the phases of my life (I am now 42)! I hope to engage others who can also see that they are not ‘free’ or trapped by mechanicallity and who are attempting to strive towards ‘being’.

Head over to Tybrol to have a read.

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Is there a new WordPress Dashboard Widget for OSX?

Does anyone out there know of a recent dashboard widget that allows posting to WordPress blogs with support for tagging, preferably by hooking into Ultimate Tag Warrior?

I’ve done a bit of Googling, and can only find references to RapidMetaBlog and WordPressDash, both of which are quite old now, and certainly don’t do tagging and/or images.

Suggestions anyone?

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Antiquarian Bookshops

Who’d have thought that life in an antiquarian bookshop “in a cathedral city in the south of England” would be so interesting? I’ve been frequenting such bookshops for most of my life, and have even worked in one, and trust me – never think that these are dry and dusty places where nothing happens…

Every day is filled with bizarre behaviours and comments, absurd actions, wierd and wonderful people and oddity.

Have a look at “Book Rant” – an anonymous blog about the ins-and-outs of the antiquarian book trade. If you’re into books – this is a must!