Flickr releases stats for your photos and a new Uploadr

Flickr have just announced the release of a new detailed statistics feature for Pro members, as well as a new version of their desktop uploader.
Flickr Stats
Activating stats on your account (it took 2 minutes, not a day for me)

Detailed stats
Detailed statistics on your photos

You can activate stats on your Flickr account and peer back in time to when you first opened your Pro account.

A new Flickr Uploadr has also been released:
Flickr Uploadr 3

It does much the same things as the old uploader, but with an improved interface.

A nice double dose of Flickr news for a Friday morning 🙂


Flickr Gossip

Flickr have just launched a new and improved version of their slideshows. They are now much bigger, and have lots of lovely features like transparent notes, adjustable speed, and the URLs are much nicer.

Have a look at some nice photos of Stonehenge:

As read on TechCrunch, Flickr might soon be adding video, as well as Yahoo! closing! down! Yahoo! Photos!

The official thread over at Flickr makes interesting reading.


Flickr introduces Collections

At long last, Flickr users can finally have “sets of sets”! Requests for this feature have been repeatedly been made for at least 2 years, but at last our patience has been rewarded. Flickr call this feature “Collections”. Head over to the Flickr Blog to read the full news.

Flickr Collections