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  • Back to Flickr

    Back to Flickr

    I’ve used Flickr since 2005. It used to be the ‘poster child’ of what was then affectionately known as “Web 2.0” – the concept that the web was evolving from a top-down read-only publishing network into a two-way read-write web. Websites were beginning to act like fully functioning desktop software. Forms could update information without…

  • Flickr releases stats for your photos and a new Uploadr

    Flickr have just announced the release of a new detailed statistics feature for Pro members, as well as a new version of their desktop uploader. Activating stats on your account (it took 2 minutes, not a day for me) Detailed statistics on your photos You can activate stats on your Flickr account and peer back…

  • Flickr Gossip

    Slideshows Flickr have just launched a new and improved version of their slideshows. They are now much bigger, and have lots of lovely features like transparent notes, adjustable speed, and the URLs are much nicer. Have a look at some nice photos of Stonehenge: Video As read on TechCrunch, Flickr might soon be adding…

  • Flickr introduces Collections

    At long last, Flickr users can finally have “sets of sets”! Requests for this feature have been repeatedly been made for at least 2 years, but at last our patience has been rewarded. Flickr call this feature “Collections”. Head over to the Flickr Blog to read the full news.