Why I’m creating my own URL shortening service

I’ve long been concerned about the proliferation of “short URLs”, whose use has gathered great momentum, especially in the light of microblogging services like Twitter. Short URLs, such as those generated by TinyURL are convenient, especially when you only have 140 characters to get your message across. You can turn a huge URL, many hundreds […]

Zooomr Mark III launched

[Update] I can’t log back in after the first time – all I’m getting is a blank page. Apparently they’re swamped with interest, and things are being ironed out. Just a quick message to say that Zooomr has relaunched! When I’ve used it a bit more, I’ll post a review of it here. If you’re […]

Zooomr’s photos are back online

As of now, blogged photos hosted on Zooomr are now back online. Here’s a quick test: Silbury Hill, Wiltshire Hosted on Zooomr It seems as if Zooomr is back on track with new servers, thanks to a big community effort, and support from some big names like Robert Scoble, Zoho, and Sun Microsystems. And of […]

The Zooomr Soap Opera

This last week, I’ve been following the ongoing launch of Zooomr, an up-and-coming photosharing website. The whole web application is programmed by just one man, Kristopher Tate, backed up by photographer Thomas Hawk. Kristopher is just 19 at the time of writing, and despite criticisms of “copying Flickr”, he has made a huge achievement with […]

Google buys Feedburner

According to TechCrunch, Google are in the final stages of acquiring Feedburner for $100 million. I use Feedburner for a lot of the blogs that I look after, and it’s a great service. I’m sure that their acquisition by Google will ensure that their service will be around for a long time to come. And […]

Carbon Neutral Website Hosting

Dreamhost have just announced that they are now a carbon neutral organisation. They claim to have offset their carbon emissions through reputable organisations, such as The Green Office. But as with any “green scheme” there will always be controversy over the methods used to “offset” carbon emissions, and the comments on Dreamhost’s announcement post make […]

Is there a new WordPress Dashboard Widget for OSX?

Does anyone out there know of a recent dashboard widget that allows posting to WordPress blogs with support for tagging, preferably by hooking into Ultimate Tag Warrior? I’ve done a bit of Googling, and can only find references to RapidMetaBlog and WordPressDash, both of which are quite old now, and certainly don’t do tagging and/or […]