Backing up your data to the internet

The latest Dreamhost newsletter popped into my inbox yesterday, and amongst all the dry humour was a notice that they are giving all customers a 50GB of free space to use for personal backups. Although technically I have access to over 350GB of storage, their storage terms and conditions forbid its use for anything other […]

Fighting Spam

I’ve just found out about – a website set up by Dreamhost that allows you to use a temporary “” email address for anything you like. So next time you want to download some trial software, or need to submit a valid email address for something, and don’t fancy having a sweepstake about how […]

Dreamhost May Newsletter

As readers know, this website it hosted by Dreamhost, a hosting company based in the USA. I’ve used a fair few hosting companies over the years, and I’m used to the normal turgid corporate newsletters. Dreamhost send newsletters too. But they’re quite unique in their mannerisms, as you’ll see in this excerpt from the May […]

Carbon Neutral Website Hosting

Dreamhost have just announced that they are now a carbon neutral organisation. They claim to have offset their carbon emissions through reputable organisations, such as The Green Office. But as with any “green scheme” there will always be controversy over the methods used to “offset” carbon emissions, and the comments on Dreamhost’s announcement post make […]


This website, and most of the others that I run, are now happily sitting on Dreamhost servers. I’ve been using them since February, and they’ve been great so far. It took me a while to get the Windows hosting paradigm out of my head, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve used their support via email […]