Pilgrim’s Progress – a new album by Kula Shaker

Kula Shaker have recently released their fourth studio album, Pilgrim’s Progress.

Their first two albums, ‘K’ and “Peasants Pigs and Astronauts” before their split at the eclipse in 1999 are amazing. Their 2007 comeback album “Strangefolk” is quirky, psychedelic, and wonderful. Upon hearing about the release of Pilgrim’s Progress, and after a quick first listen on Spotify, I went out and bought the physical CD. From a real shop (how retro!). Some music deserves to be bought in hard-copy, and this is one of those albums.

Rather than describe their current sound in inadequate language, watch and listen to the video below and I think that you might agree that it’s a rather wonderful track. If you like it, you’ll love the rest of Pilgrim’s Progress.


New Gong album “2032” coming soon

Pioneering psychedelic space rockers Gong, who have been making music for well over 40 years, are soon to release a new album, entitled “2032”. This track, “How to Stay Alive”, along with its outstanding video, is a taster of what is to come when the album is released on 21 September 2009. From what I have heard so far (i.e. 45 second samples and this track), 2032 is going to be jaw-droppingly good.

[Edit] I now have the 2032 CD, ordered from Planet Gong, and it is jaw-droppingly wonderful. I urge you to buy this album at once!

The lineup for “2032” is incredible:

  • Daevid Allen – guitar and vocals
  • Miquette Giraudy – synthesizers
  • Steve Hillage – guitar and vocals
  • Gilli Smyth – vocals
  • Mike Howlett – bass
  • Didier Malherbe – soprano sax, flute
  • Theo Travis – sax, flute
  • Chris Taylor – drums
  • Yuji Katsui (Rovo) – electric violin

Head over to Planet Gong to find out more.


Jamendo: Creative Commons music

Jamendo is a music website where artists release their music for free download, under a Creative Commons license. There are community features such as commenting, personal playlists, favourites, ratings, and forums, and from experience, it’s a very vibrant community indeed.

I’ve been using Jamendo since it was launched, and a visit to the site today reveals a whole new redesign. It’s much easier to download albums now (no more BitTorrent wizardry) and the whole site seems to be much faster.

Well done to the Jamendo team!