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New Gong album “2032” coming soon

Pioneering psychedelic space rockers Gong, who have been making music for well over 40 years, are soon to release a new album, entitled “2032”. This track, “How to Stay Alive”, along with its outstanding video, is a taster of what is to come when the album is released on 21 September 2009. From what I have heard so far (i.e. 45 second samples and this track), 2032 is going to be jaw-droppingly good.

[Edit] I now have the 2032 CD, ordered from Planet Gong, and it is jaw-droppingly wonderful. I urge you to buy this album at once!

The lineup for “2032” is incredible:

  • Daevid Allen – guitar and vocals
  • Miquette Giraudy – synthesizers
  • Steve Hillage – guitar and vocals
  • Gilli Smyth – vocals
  • Mike Howlett – bass
  • Didier Malherbe – soprano sax, flute
  • Theo Travis – sax, flute
  • Chris Taylor – drums
  • Yuji Katsui (Rovo) – electric violin

Head over to Planet Gong to find out more.