Recent Photos

Regular visitors to my blog will know that I regularly post photos whilst I am out and about via the excellent Instagram app.  I also take more refined photos with a digital SLR, which I post to PhotoShelter, which are available to license for commercial or personal use. Here is a small gallery of photos […]


I have recently bought a Canon 550d, my first DSLR camera. Fascinated as I am by old lenses, I bought a high quality FD/EOS adapter so that I can use the Canon FD range of lenses that were used from the early 1970s until 1990. A local camera shop has a large range of secondhand […]

Nokia E71 Review: Part Two – The Camera

I’ve now had my E71 for a couple of weeks or so, and I’m still loving it. The camera is renowned (from reviews that I’ve read anyway) for being between utterly average and really poor. These definitions are, of course, subjective. After a few weeks of use, I would prefer to call the camera “idiosyncratic”. […]

Flickr introduces Collections

At long last, Flickr users can finally have “sets of sets”! Requests for this feature have been repeatedly been made for at least 2 years, but at last our patience has been rewarded. Flickr call this feature “Collections”. Head over to the Flickr Blog to read the full news.