I’ve noticed a new type of spam in the past month or so. Buried in the hundreds of spam comments left on this blog and the countless others that I look after I’ve noted that some of them are trackbacks containing excerpts of my own posts. They have often been subtlely changed by using synonyms to replace words. Very naughty.

The offending ‘splog’ will contain links to nefarious websites, of course. But this time they’re not just being annoying with comment spam, they’re stealing our content for profit.

And what platform are they using to do this? WordPress of course!

Lorelle has explained this all better than me, so head over to Lorelle on WordPress to read more.

And of course, they’re fooling/polluting search engines… When will it all end?!


Fighting Spam

I’ve just found out about – a website set up by Dreamhost that allows you to use a temporary “” email address for anything you like.

So next time you want to download some trial software, or need to submit a valid email address for something, and don’t fancy having a sweepstake about how long it is before your email address is sold to spammers, try it out.

But do bear in mind that all emails sent to any address are publicly viewable on the front page of the website. You can choose any address you like, e.g., and then use the website to filter them for you.