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After a brief sojorn with having my blog hosted by Tumblr, I have returned to hosting it myself using WordPress. Whilst I love the tools that Tumblr provides, I just found it all a bit too limiting.

Seeing some of the wonderful WordPress blogs written by folks that I met at BathCamp made me realise my folly.

So – back to ‘normal’ service – a new theme, the latest version of WP, and very little content 😉


Twitter Digests

I’ve just switched off the automatic posting of Twitter digests to this blog, and given my Tweets a nice little home in the sidebar. Seeing my blog fill up with posts called something like “Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03” and looking at the ramblings within made it look like I had abandoned it (I’ve just been having a break!).

So hopefully, back to the blogging, and let’s keep Twitter to one side 🙂

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Twitter Tools for WordPress

I’m toying with the idea of extending my use of Twitter to cross post the titles and URLs of new posts on this blog (and others that I contribute to) as a kind of aggregator as well as micro-blogging platform. I’ll be using Alex King’s Twitter Tools WordPress plugin to to the job.

If all goes well, this will be posted to Twitter as well, and I’ll be geekily happy.

[Update] And lo, it worked, and I was happy.


WordPress Simple Tags Plugin

I’m just testing out the Simple Tags WordPress Plugin as I would like to post content to my blogs remotely (such as from my mobile phone, from Flock, and from my Mac’s Dashboard), but still tag the content.

Simple Tags allows you to add tags in the body of a post, which will be imported when the post is published (look for the “Embedded Tags” option).

If there are tags attached to this post, it worked.
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Blogged with Flock



I’ve noticed a new type of spam in the past month or so. Buried in the hundreds of spam comments left on this blog and the countless others that I look after I’ve noted that some of them are trackbacks containing excerpts of my own posts. They have often been subtlely changed by using synonyms to replace words. Very naughty.

The offending ‘splog’ will contain links to nefarious websites, of course. But this time they’re not just being annoying with comment spam, they’re stealing our content for profit.

And what platform are they using to do this? WordPress of course!

Lorelle has explained this all better than me, so head over to Lorelle on WordPress to read more.

And of course, they’re fooling/polluting search engines… When will it all end?!

Apple blogging Software

Testing Ecto 3 alpha

Way back in the dim and distant past, before my other blog, Past Thinking, began to focus solely upon heritage matters, I reviewed Ecto 2. Now, 2 years later, I’m writing this with the alpha version of Ecto 3.

This isn’t a full review – this is really just a test drive of the alpha version, and a quick account as I go along.

I once decried the rich text editor of Ecto 2, wishing for a WYSIWYG editor, and it seems as if at long last my wish has been answered. Everything you do in the editor is actually displayed as you expect it to, rather than the strange highlights and awkwardness that went before (which I did get used to).

Ecto 3, although not yet finished, has a much more ‘Mac’ look and feel to it, although perhaps I still find the multiple windows to be slightly annoying – I’d prefer a more unified or tabbed GUI. Still, you can close the windows that you’re not currently using.

Uploading images is a breeze – the screenshot below was captured in Skitch and dragged from Skitch right into Ecto, where it was automatically resized. Very nice. I then had the option to upload the image there and then (which I forgot to screen grab).

Ecto 3 (alpha) screenshot)

And, since the WYSIWYG editor uses WebKit, it looks like it’s doing a fairly accurate job.

As you can see from the screenshot, there’s a “Keywords” box below title. It’ll be interesting to see if these hook into Ultimate Tag Warrior, or appear as html meta tags (does anything still use them these days?). In the alpha version, there is no help file (it’s still being written) so I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

All in all, writing this little ditty was a pleasure in Ecto, and if you are reading this, it successfully connected to my blog and posted this.

When Ecto 3 is finished, I’ll post a comprehensive review here. You can read Adriaan’s announcement over at Infinite Sushi.

(ahh – so that’s what the ‘Keywords’ does!)