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Spiders and eBay

My curiosity got the better of me today when I opened my Netvibes homepage to see the Digg headline of “HUGE Spider Hides Behind Clock (pics)“. I followed the link, and sure enough, there’s a story of a huge huntsman spider hiding behind a clock, with just four hairy legs poking out from around the edge. Then the brave photographer removes the clock and photographs what’s underneath. Even if you do like spiders, this one’s sure to challenge.

The thing that made me laugh (aside from some of the comments on Digg!) is how sometimes contextual text ads from Google don’t actually understand the context:

I’m wondering what the Google ads on this post are going to show up..

After posting – I checked – and this helpful ad is displayed proudly at the top of my post:

..what’s worrying is why anyone would want to auction a chicken eating spider on eBay, let alone buy one..!