Palazzo doors, Palermo

Palazzo doors, Palermo, originally uploaded by *Tom*.

In a recent trip to Sicily, Tehm and I visited Palermo. Whilst wandering around the old churches, in Piazza Pretoria I spotted these doors on an old palazzo. They really captured my imagination, and in a way sum up Palermo for me. Peeling, faded, remnants of a past grandeur, but still beautiful.

I wonder what’s behind them? I don’t suppose I’ll ever find out.

eeePC 901 and eeebuntu

A quick update: while I initially liked the default Linux installation on my eeePC (Xandros) I rather quickly began to dislike it when trying to install OpenOffice. It also felt… clunky. So, I did a bit of reading about some of the eeePC blogs out there and came across eeebuntu.

To cut a long story short, I installed eeebuntu (after much cursing and Googling) onto a 1GB USB stick to give it a test run. To my amazement, on first boot, eeebuntu looked amazing. I played with it for a few hours and decided to take the plunge and overwrite Xandros. And I haven’t looked back.

If you have any variety of eeePC, it’s certainly worth a look.

More soon.

Nokia E71 Battery Life

I’ve just noticed that the battery level on my E71 is down to just one bar. This doesn’t worry me, as I’ll be charging it in about an hour’s time. I wouldn’t normally blog about something as mundane as my battery being low, if it weren’t for the fact that the last time I charged it was Sunday evening.

Since today is Thursday, it means that my E71 has lasted a full four days. I am impressed. Thinking back to what I have done with my phone since Sunday evening, it’s been used rather a lot. I’ve listened to internet radio for about 15 minutes each morning, surfed the web, made phone calls, used a bit of Skype, taken a short video, taken some photos, sent some text messages, checked my email, used the alarm each day, and used Twitter via Twibble.

The E71 is quite a workhorse. It’s stuffed full of features, and, unlike the N95, I don’t have to worry about using them all.