WordPress Dashboard Widgets

Does anyone know of a decent OSX dashboard widget for posting to a WordPress blog? I’ve been using WordPressDash on and off for over two years now, and in Leopard some strange things have happened to its appearance. One that supports WP2.3’s tags would be nice.


Ideas, anyone?


5 responses to “WordPress Dashboard Widgets”

  1. It still works, it just looks a little strange – some of the buttons and forms don’t fit the widget any more, and now that WordPress 2.3 has tagging, it would be nice to have a box for tags underneath.

    If I had the programming skills I’d write one myself!

  2. Hey Tom. Stumbled upon your post here and I currently am building my own widget using WordPress Dash as a base. I’d love to send you my in-development widget and get your thoughts on it. This is my first widget so I’m learning as I go. Feel free to contact me if you want to test out my widget and help make it better.