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Blogging habits, Twitter and aggregators

I haven’t been posting much to this blog, or to Past Thinking lately. There’s been no reason for this except perhaps that I’ve just got out of the habit of blogging. I don’t want to force myself to post things to my blog, but I think I’ll try and remember to post little snippets of information rather than save up long posts.

Of course, Twitter seems to get in the way of blogging. Those little quick things you want to say to the world and your friends can often be easily expressed in just 140 characters. If you read this and you know me this is a link to my Twitter stream.

Since I participate in a lot of websites, I thought that I would try and create an aggregated window into my online life (as well as experimenting with aggregators full stop). Those of you curious about what I’m up to (or, erm, stalkers) you can toddle over to where most of my activities that have RSS feeds have been brought together (does this class as a tumblelog?). runs WordPress (of course!), and the excellent FeedWordPress plugin. A cron job checks all of the feeds each hour and pulls them into the WP database.

I’ve put the ageing WordPressDash widget on my Mac’s dashboard in the hope that this will remind me to blog more often. I do this regularly, but you never know, it might just work…