RIP Netscape Navigator

AOL have announced the end of support for the Netscape web browser.

Netscape 2 was the first web browser that I ever used, on a PC running Windows 3.11. Good memories, but things have moved on a long way since then.

I’m now split between using Safari 3 as my main browser, and Firefox for the things that don’t work quite so well in Safari (hello, WordPress WYSIWYG editor…), and quite frankly, apart from a dash of nostalgia now and again, won’t look back for long…

One response to “RIP Netscape Navigator”

  1. I miss Netscape. I got my first iMac years ago, the first day I had it I connected to the Internet and downloaded Netscape 9. A simple browser with low maintenance. I still have it from all those years ago.
    Thanks for the memories, Netscape.

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