Freelance consultant for digital heritage

Developing my creative practice – funding from Arts Council England

I’m pleased to announce that I have received a grant from the Arts Council England Developing your Creative Practice fund.

Self-employed individuals within the arts sectors often find it difficult to conduct development projects to improve their skills or experiment with different techniques. There just isn’t the time. Or the money to pay for the time. It’s all too easy to get stuck heading in the same direction doing the same things, rarely learning or trying anything new.

Now it’s time for me to be rather honest with myself! One of the weakest areas in my skillset is 3D scanning smaller objects. They’re tricky, and there are many different approaches to scanning them. I’ve just never had the time to get good at it. It’s frustrating, but I’ve never had the opportunity to just focus on just that – try it all out, fail, learn, get better, get good at it. I want to work with a museum and solve some tricky 3D scanning problems. And eventually I want to share some of the skills that I’ve learned with others.

And I’ve always wanted to learn ZBrush to help me make my 3D models look better online. The software has a steep learning curve, but it’s a stunning tool, and there are some great tutorials available.

I heard about the DYCP fund and decided to take the plunge and apply. Fast forward 8 weeks, and I received news that I was successful!

So I will be spending a few days a week until May 2019 working on developing my 3D skills within the museums sector. This is a golden opportunity for independent people like me working within the arts sectors, and I am deeply grateful to Arts Council England for their support.