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Announcing the Curatorial Research Centre

At the beginning of February 2019 Tehmina and I launched our new business, the Curatorial Research Centre.

The words “curated” and “curator” have become fashionable in recent years, used by thousands to describe lots of different concepts. We help people to grasp the concept of curation, providing clients with advice, skills, facilitation and research.

We also provide direct services, such as research in the cultural sectors, including historical research, 3D scanning and analysis, and advice to museums. Whilst much of our work comes from the cultural sectors – museums, galleries, libraries, archives and archaeology – we are working in other areas including retail, music and sound (think curated playlists), and helping people to approach curating in different ways.

This website will become quiet for a while, as I focus my energies on the Curatorial Research Centre, but I hope to return to blogging about personal interests here later in the year.

Visit the Curatorial Research Centre website to find out more.