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Google Mail is becoming Gmail in the UK – just don’t change if you use Android

As the title of this post says, UK Googlemail users can now change their email address from to If I remember correctly, there was a trademark issue with “Gmail” in the UK, but it looks like this has now been resolved.

I decided to change my Googlemail account to use the .gmail domain name. However, as soon as I did this, my Android phone (which is linked to my Google account) began to get a little cross. The Android Market stopped working, and I kept getting a Google Talk error (even though I don’t use it). I decided to remove the Google account from my phone and add it back in. However, my phone warned me that I would have to reset the whole phone in order to do this! Just for changing to I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

So I have reverted to and everything has returned to normal. I might wait a little while before I try that again…

Google Mapping

Embedding Google Maps Just Became Easier

Embedding a Google Map into your website just became much, much easier. Gone are the days of signing up for an API key and fumbling through the “Hello World” example, just so that you can show directions to your house. It’s now as easy as embedding a YouTube video – all done with a snippet of code.

Here’s a nice aerial view of Stonehenge:

View Larger Map

Read the full scoop over at Google LatLong.

Expect Google Maps to become rather ubiquitous from now on…