A Medieval Discovery at Gulval Church, Cornwall

Just to the left of the south porch of Gulval Church, near Penzance in Cornwall, lies a large block of granite. I first came across it on a visit to the churchyard in 2012. However, it really piqued my interest a couple of months ago after reading a short report in Newsletter 132 of the […]

Armour Heritage

My good friend Rob Armour Chelu has recently set up a new archaeology consultancy, Armour Heritage. One of Rob’s many specialisms is archaeological advice for renewable energy schemes whose developments may impact upon the historic environment. I have set up the bones (if you’ll pardon the appalling pun) of Rob’s archaeology website, and have chosen […]

Adventures in Chile – Valle de la Luna

Imagine a landscape that is so barren, so alien, yet beautiful in its many forms. Shiny rock salt crystals glint and shine as the sun lowers in the sky. Small cave systems, organically shaped by water millennia ago, meander through gorges. This is Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley, situated in the north of […]