“To Do” managers on Symbian S60 – where are they?

iPhone users seem to have it all (except battery life) these days. There’s a slew of ToDo managers available for it, with beautifully designed interfaces, and crucially, for me at least, those that sync with online services such as ToodleDo or Remember the Milk. // // Folks have been asking Remember the Milk developers for […]

Skype on the Nokia E71

As regular readers know, I use Skype a lot. I have family and friends scattered across the world, and it’s an essential part of keeping in touch with them. When Tehmina stayed in Rome for a two month research trip in 2005 Skype was our lifeline. [Update] On 10th December 2009 Skype released the beta […]

Updates to Gmail and Yahoo! Go mobile apps

I mainly use Google’s mobile Gmail application on my E71 for my email needs. I’ve just heard that the application has been upgraded to version 2, and is considerably improved. Also, users of Yahoo! Go will be pleased to know that version 3 has now been updated to work on the E71. Yahoo! Go is […]

Nokia E71 Review: Part Three – Software

There is plenty of software available for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones such as the Nokia N95, and of course, the E71. Since acquiring my E71, I have tried out a lot of software, and after a flurry of installs and uninstalls, I have settled down to a core of programs that I regularly use […]