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I’ve used Flickr since 2005. It used to be the ‘poster child’ of what was then affectionately known as “Web 2.0” – the concept that the web was evolving from a top-down read-only publishing network into a two-way read-write web. Websites were beginning to act like fully functioning desktop software. Forms could update information without refreshing the page. Social media was being born. They were heady days for geeks like me.

Flickr lost its way after it was sold to Yahoo! and began to be used mainly as a backup service for people’s smartphones. I was guilty of that too. The community seemed to disappear, being sucked into the algorithmic doom-scrolling FOMO-inducing behemoth known as Facebook. Dedicated photographers moved on to other specialist networks such as SmugMug, 500px, and others. But Flickr hung on in there. Out of loyalty I kept paying for my Pro account.

Fast forward to 2018 when SmugMug bought Flickr. From what I’ve seen, Flickr has been resuscitated and the community seems to be gathering again. Some of the early key figures have rejoined the staff. The user interface is being updated with some nice Flickr-y features.

And best of all, every single photo I’ve ever uploaded to the service since 2005 is still available. And findable. And Creative Commons licensed. Not many services have endured so long, and I think Flickr has a bright future. It’s time for me to really re-engage with Flickr, and for the last year or so I’ve been uploading my best images. I no longer upload by the bucket load, but have gone back to how I began, carefully choosing, uploading, describing and tagging. I enjoy it.

Head over to view my photos on Flickr.

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Updates to Gmail and Yahoo! Go mobile apps

I mainly use Google’s mobile Gmail application on my E71 for my email needs. I’ve just heard that the application has been upgraded to version 2, and is considerably improved.

Also, users of Yahoo! Go will be pleased to know that version 3 has now been updated to work on the E71. Yahoo! Go is definitely worth installing if you use any of Yahoo’s services. I’m a long-time Flickr user, and Go’s Flickr interface is gorgeous – ideal for passing the time when you’re stuck on a train or bus. You can even upload photos from your phone. Yahoo! Go can also connect to the E71’s GPS and give you location-based information if you’re out and about and want to find things to do or places to eat.


Flickr releases stats for your photos and a new Uploadr

Flickr have just announced the release of a new detailed statistics feature for Pro members, as well as a new version of their desktop uploader.
Flickr Stats
Activating stats on your account (it took 2 minutes, not a day for me)

Detailed stats
Detailed statistics on your photos

You can activate stats on your Flickr account and peer back in time to when you first opened your Pro account.

A new Flickr Uploadr has also been released:
Flickr Uploadr 3

It does much the same things as the old uploader, but with an improved interface.

A nice double dose of Flickr news for a Friday morning 🙂


Flickr Gossip

Flickr have just launched a new and improved version of their slideshows. They are now much bigger, and have lots of lovely features like transparent notes, adjustable speed, and the URLs are much nicer.

Have a look at some nice photos of Stonehenge:

As read on TechCrunch, Flickr might soon be adding video, as well as Yahoo! closing! down! Yahoo! Photos!

The official thread over at Flickr makes interesting reading.


Flickr introduces Collections

At long last, Flickr users can finally have “sets of sets”! Requests for this feature have been repeatedly been made for at least 2 years, but at last our patience has been rewarded. Flickr call this feature “Collections”. Head over to the Flickr Blog to read the full news.

Flickr Collections