Being @tag on Twitter

When I signed up to Twitter in early February 2007 I wanted as short a username as possible, and as Twitter was still young, I was able to get a three letter username – @tag – which are my initials (@tom had gone) to save on those precious 140 characters. Twitter didn’t do tagging, and it didn’t look like it could ever make sense, so I settled on @tag and have happily used it ever since.

But since Facebook allowed the @username reply (@username on Twitter is a reserved term, and no account exists) people decided to say that you could now “@tag” your friends. For a few weeks after introducing this, and various tech blogs mentioning “@ Tagging” my Twitter replies were, shall we say, a little busy. It actually made Twitter a lot harder to use for me. But thankfully it died down, and I now only get a few erroneous “@tag” mentions.

But when I launched Tweetie this morning to check my Twitter account, it seemed that I had a few replies:

Hmm. I found out that this is the culprit tweet:


So now, hundreds of people have decided to start tweeting “Meet the Genius behind the creation of this site.. join me! @tag #followseachange” – slightly missing the point of putting someone else’s username into their tweets.

I think I’ll just have to weather this one out and see what happens. I really like my username, and don’t want to change it!

Symbian S60 twitter

Native Symbian S60 Twitter Clients

A quick post to mention that a few native Symbian S60 Twitter clients are under development. I haven’t installed or tried any of these, but when I have the time, I’ll post my feedback here.


Gravity will be a commercial product, developed by mobileways, who already offer native S60 Twitter functionality within their WirelessIRC software. From some of the early reviews of the beta, Gravity looks like it will offer a fairly complete Twitter solution, comparable to many desktop clients.

[Update] Gravity has now been released,costs $10 (about £7), and a demo version is available to download. I played with the demo for about half an hour and knew right away that this is the best Twitter client out there for Symbian devices. So I bought it. I’ll probably do a full review of it soon, after I’ve been using it for a few days. In the meantime, if you’re a serious Twitter user, and have a S60 device (like a Nokia E71, N95, N96 etc) definitely give the demo a whirl on your device.

I Am Doing

I Am Doing is developed by Marcelo Barros, of WordMobi fame (Symbian S60 WordPress app), and is written in Python. It looks promising, and he’s very active with its development.


TwitS60 is an open source project, which claims to be under active development. There’s nothing to download at the time of writing, so one to bookmark and check every now and then to see if it will be any good.

If readers know of any other non-Java Twitter clients for S60, feel free to let me know via a comment on this post.