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Native Symbian S60 Twitter Clients

A quick post to mention that a few native Symbian S60 Twitter clients are under development. I haven’t installed or tried any of these, but when I have the time, I’ll post my feedback here.


Gravity will be a commercial product, developed by mobileways, who already offer native S60 Twitter functionality within their WirelessIRC software. From some of the early reviews of the beta, Gravity looks like it will offer a fairly complete Twitter solution, comparable to many desktop clients.

[Update] Gravity has now been released,costs $10 (about £7), and a demo version is available to download. I played with the demo for about half an hour and knew right away that this is the best Twitter client out there for Symbian devices. So I bought it. I’ll probably do a full review of it soon, after I’ve been using it for a few days. In the meantime, if you’re a serious Twitter user, and have a S60 device (like a Nokia E71, N95, N96 etc) definitely give the demo a whirl on your device.

I Am Doing

I Am Doing is developed by Marcelo Barros, of WordMobi fame (Symbian S60 WordPress app), and is written in Python. It looks promising, and he’s very active with its development.


TwitS60 is an open source project, which claims to be under active development. There’s nothing to download at the time of writing, so one to bookmark and check every now and then to see if it will be any good.

If readers know of any other non-Java Twitter clients for S60, feel free to let me know via a comment on this post.


5 responses to “Native Symbian S60 Twitter Clients”

  1. i am using twibble (found this post throughit) it is ok.. Free but not as good as gravity

    1. Gravity is definitely the best Twitter client on S60 – and it keeps getting better – the developer is very active, and from my own direct experience, listens to his customers. Absolutely worth the money if you’re a heavy Twitter user. Twibble is OK for casual users though.

  2. JUst got to the end of my gravity trial, so searching out a few alternatives before I go ahead and purchase, although frankly I was very impressed with Gravity.

    Tried a few java clients back before I used Gravity, and found them slow and cumbersome.

    In terms of S60 clients there’s also Twittix: However my brief usage of it finds it more cumbersome than Gravity, and nowhere near as pretty. A major point against it is that it freezes up while checking tweets, and as far as I can see doesn’t yet have some of the more fancy autoconnect/autoswitch features of Gravity.

    It is a couple of quid cheaper than Gravity, but for the sake of a (cheap) pint of beer I think the extra polish currently availible in Gravity is worth it.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for your comment, and welcome!

      I’ve come across Twittix but haven’t had time to try it – thanks for bringing it up!

      From your experience with Twittix, I agree that it’s certainly worth the few extra pounds. Gravity is just such a pleasure to use, it’s reliable, and the developer is very active, while listening to his customers…

  3. Chris Pollard avatar
    Chris Pollard

    I just installed TweetS60 tonight on a Nokia E63, and find it to be really good. Although I’m a pretty casual Twitter user. Not sure it would cut it for the hard cores out there. Still, works well, hides in the background when not in use. Disconnects when you’re not actively using/updating to save your data plan, or battery life if you’re wifi’ing it like me.