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HD Video Sharing

Tired of those tiny video offerings on YouTube? 320×240 video at 15 frames per second is starting to look a bit tired on large screen resolutions. At work I’m lucky enough to have a new iMac with a 24″ screen running at 1920×1200, and trust me, YouTube starts to look a little… inadequate… on my screen.

Vimeo, an alternative to YouTube, has always offered, IMHO, better quality videos (they’ve been 460px wide and seem to be encoded at a higher bit rate). A few days ago, they announced the introduction of HD (720p).

To find out why this is a Good Thing, this example sums it all up rather simply (then view it directly on the Vimeo page, and switch to full screen):

HD Explained! from dalas verdugo on Vimeo.

At the time of writing the Vimeo website is running a little slower (why on earth might that be, hmm?) than usual, but run some of the movies full screen to see the difference this makes.