• Digital Archaeology

    Digital reconstructions, 3D recording, photography, surface analysis, detail enhancement, and Open Source GIS. Backed up by 12 years professional experience.

  • Photography

    Wide angle interior shots, artefact photography, photographic restoration, and Reflectance Transformation Imaging are among the many photographic services that I can offer.

  • Website Services

    I have built websites since 1996, and pioneered the use of Web 2.0 in the heritage sector. I understand good design, good functionality, standards, and longevity.

  • 3D Technologies

    3D capture, analysis, and visualisation. Evidence-based reconstructions of objects to entire landscapes. Enhancement of rock art and inscriptions through 3D processing.

  • Social Media Training

    I can teach you how to use social media and social networking effectively, having used it practically within heritage and personally for 7 years.

  • About Tom

    I am an independent freelance archaeologist specialising in digital heritage services. I am based in Penzance, Cornwall. Find out more about me.

Recent Work

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  • Armour Heritage

    Armour Heritage

    Armour Heritage recently asked me to set up a website for their new archaeology consultancy. Among their many specialisms is archaeological advice for renewable energy schemes whose developments may impact upon the historic environment. The website uses a simple Content Management System (CMS) which enables them to build the rest of the site themselves, although I […]

  • DigVentures Website


    DigVentures is an archaeology start-up dedicated to people-accessible archaeological excavations via crowdfunding. I built the first and current versions of the digventures.com website and designed the site architecture. I have also advised on social media and project management tools. The first version of the DigVentures website used an external crowdfunding platform, and gave backers access […]

  • Road through the central crater, Moon Valley, Chile

    Road through the central crater, Moon Valley, Chile

    This road strikes through the central crater of Valle de la Lune (Moon Valley) in the hearth of Chile’s Atacama Desert. The white snow-like material is salt, due to rainfall earlier in 2013. This landscape really is beautiful in its dry bleakness. Click to view full screen. This photo was taken with a Sigma 8-16mm […]

  • Death Valley, Atacama Desert, Chile

    Death Valley, Atacama Desert, Chile

    The Spanish name of this place is Valle de la Muerte. Our guide told us that the curent name was the result of a mistake – the traveller who discovered the valley named it Valle de la Marte – Mars Valley – because of the red appearance of the sand and rock formations. However, the name […]

  • Cave mouth, Moon Valley, Chile

    Cave Mouth, Moon Valley, Chile

    The strange yet compelling landscape of Valle de la Lune (Moon Valley) in the Atacama Desert, Chile, is full of surprises. We were guided through a cave system studded with rock salt crystals, which cracked and creaked in the heat of the sun. The cave opened out into this gorge – a beautiful sight. I […]

  • Sunset over Moon Valley, Chile

    Sunset over Moon Valley, Chile

    As the sun sets over the alien landscape of Valle de la Lune (Moon Valley) just north of the Atacama Salt Flats, the shadows and colours of this mineral-rich landscape shift and change. The elongated clouds add to the breathtaking views, as their sun-tipped edges start to glow. Click to view full screen. This photo […]

  • Miscanti Lagoon, Chile

    Miscanti Lagoon, Chile

    Set in the Andes mountains in Chile, 4,200m above sea level, the two lagoons of  Miscanti and Miñiques are stunningly beautiful. The blue colour of the sky and water have not been digitally enhanced. The whole experience was literally breathtaking. Click to view full screen. This photo was taken with a Sigma 8-16mm lens at 18MP, […]

  • Flame grilled piri-piri chicken

    Samba Café, Penzance

    I was commissioned by the Samba Café in Penzance to undertake internal, external and food photography for their website, menus and publicity materials. The brief was to capture lively and vibrant photos to fit in with the sunny Portuguese and Brazilian feel of the restaurant. The clients were very happy with my work, and I […]

  • Spring Tide at Abbey Slip

    I have never seen the sea so high in Penzance, as the spring tide on 17 October 2012. Waves had completely covered the road and were lipping over the pedestrian walkway, breaking against the house and garden walls next to it. A car did start to inch down the slipy, but wisely rethought the situation […]

  • Scillonian III at the Albert Pier, Penzance

    Rough seas and very high spring tides mean that the Scillonian III, the passenger ferry serving the Isles of Scilly from Penzance Harbour, has to be berthed behind the protection of the Albert Pier. It’s not a sight I’d seen before, and despite the strong winds that evening, managed to capture the moment.


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