Freelance consultant for digital heritage

Innovation in digital heritage

Tom Goskar is an archaeologist and technologist specialising in 3D capture and enhancement (think making petroglyphs, decorated stones, or inscriptions easier to see and study), Generative AI (effective use of ChatGPT, AI transcription & summarising), and audiovisual techniques (restoring damaged sound recordings).

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Black and white image of a stone's surface with dots and lines indicating the presence of prehistoric markings.

Digital Services

Tom offers a wide variety of digital services to clients. He is constantly innovating in his areas of expertise and learning new skills.

Digital surface enhancement

3D techniques to enhance the visibility of petroglyphs (rock art) and decorated or inscribed surfaces. Find out more.

Audio restoration

Crackly old cylinder recordings, quiet faded tapes, and everything in-between. If it’s hard to hear, he will help to improve listenability. Find out more.

Generative AI

Help your organisation effectively navigate the use of AI systems such as ChatGPT and learn to use it as a research assistant. Follow Tom’s AI blog posts.